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The Enlighenment Highway is the fastest track to personal enlightenment and salvation. Our definition of personal salvation is the realization of your own power to create beyond the world of time and form.

The understandings are found in A Course in Miracles.

The exercises to practice are found in A Course in Miracles.

The classroom is your own space of awareness.

What to Expect

Starting point

  1. Disatisfaction with life situations and the previously traveled roadmaps.

    The previous roadmaps are societal, family, or personal behaviors and routines. Finding these situations and systems to be unable to satisfy an inner quest for truth is a first step.

  2. The desire to go fast in a whole new direction.
Your past learning must have taught you wrong things simply on the basis that it has not made you happy. Dissatisfaction with learning outcomes myst be a sign of learning failure, since it means that you did not get what you want. If the outcome of yours has made you unhappy and you want a different one, a change in curriculum is obviously necessary.

On the Highway


This track takes a fairly quick pacing through the text of A Course in Miracles. The ACIM Workbook is introduced after Ch. 8 of the text, and both are studied consecutively. The core volumes of ACIM will be completed within a year.


The primary objective of any learning plan is the acquistion of understanding. Going fast is an insufficient reason for not coming to an understanding of the presented concepts. For that reason, a routine journaling habit is required for the duration of this track.

Recording thoughts catalyzes the process of solidifying understandings and exposing misunderstandings.


Also known as practice. There are key mental exercises and meditation practices that once remembered innately comprise the active state of enlightenment. This track introduces these skills and mets out time for their practice.

After the Trip

Improved state of mind

This Highway leads to divine peace. This peace is reflected in as an overall improvement in moment-to-moment state of mind. Expect increased occurance of security, joy, and appreciate for the present moment.

Spiritual enlightenment

You have finished this track when you are enlightened. That is the goal and the result. Not being in an enlightened state is a sign of incompletion.

The state of "enlightenment" can be conceptualized as the following states: Nirvana, Moksha, see also Advaita Vedanta.

What to pack:

  • A Course in Miracles Text

    The required framework of spiritual psyche

    Original Edition recommended

  • A Course in Miracles Workbook

    Guided practice in applying "miraculous forgiveness"

    Original Edition mobile app recommended

  • A Personal Journal

    A physical place to put your thoughts. Can be written, spoken, video, electronic, etc.

    Original Edition mobile app recommended

  • Recommended media selections

    Recommended list, not required

See more ACIM editions.

The Roadmap:

  1. Start and finish the A Course in Miracles Text
  2. At the start of text chapter 9, start and finish the A Course in Miracles Workbook

    Workbook lessons must be completed using Encouraging Miraculous Forgiveness principles.

  3. For each workbook exercise:
    • Read the exercise
    • Respond to any distubance in the day with:
      • A mental repetition of the exercise title
      • Application of the exercise's principles as a behavioral response
    • Record daily Notes of Interest in the personal journal

The itinerary:

This is a journey of understandings. You will know you are on the Highway as you travel through the following ideas:

  1. I have given everything I see all the meaning it has for me.
  2. I could see peace instead of this.
  3. My mind is a part of God's. I am very holy.
  4. The light has come.

There are 150+ plus ideas you will be traveling through. As many as you come to actually understand, the faster you will go/are going.

See full list of ideas/understandings


Is there a club I can join?


Do I have to read A Course in Miracles?

Yes, read ACIM.

What is the time requirement?

Text: Go through the text at your own pace. If you follow alex brady's reading schedule, expect to spend 5 - 20 minutes a day reading.

Workbook: Workbook exercises ask for minimal meditation time and momentary rememberances. Part of the practice of the workbook is to not fret about "time requirements." What happens happens; take note.

Are the workbook exercises hard?

The workbook is very simple. It provides mental training exercises in Focus, Memory, Attention, Gratitude, etc. At the same time, it imparts the core understandings of a new belief system contrary to the ego's.

Part of the mind training process is to learn to train your mental faculties in aptitude (e.g. focus/attention) and core beliefs (i.e. identity).

If you begin to feel behind in mental strength or understanding, be patient with yourself. That is exactly what is being trained. When you begin to experience the benefits of consistent practice, you will be motivated to engage more.

How can this course guarantee a miracle?

We are doing miracles all the time, we just aren't realizing it. Becoming aware of the framework of the psyche presented by ACIM teaches us "where" miracles occur. The mind training practice of the ACIM Workbook teaches us how to encourage "miraculous forgiveness".

You will realize when a miracle occurs. You'll just know.

Will I turn water into wine?

You can do whatever you want 😎

Do I have to read all of the recommended books?

No, but feel free to read any you want. Minimum two (2). We highly recommend one of the "spiritual" classics.

How long will this take?

However long you need. We provide a reading schedule for those who want a steady pacing toward "the peace that passes all human understanding".

(Un)learning continues indefinitely.

What if that doesn't work?

It does. If it doesn't work, consider the words "engage fully". If that doesn't reveal the problem, email me.

Are there more steps?

Yes, of course.