20. A working defintion of God

Understand that words are but "symbols of symbols," and may paint a picture, but not a reality. We can describe aspects of God. God, being the totality of all real things, is, again, greater than the sum of the following definitions. A working definition is useful while a learner is still being guided through to the experience of God.

Two definitions are required:

  • Love: Identity with a thing. To love something is to identify with it.
  • Understanding: Unity with an idea. To understand something is to believe it accurately, fully, and incorporate it into one’s belief system.

A defintion of God has the following aspects:

  1. Creation
  2. Mind; Spirit
  3. The reason for all things
  4. Love: identity with totality
  5. Understanding: oneness, wholeness, unity with totality

God is the Creator of all real things. Real things are not of physical nature, and are of a mental/spiritual nature. Because God created everything, God loves and understands intimately all things’ purpose. As creation itself, God is the creator, the act of creation, and the created. God is all things and the expression of all things God is and expresses existence.

Time and space, being illusory, are not a part of God. Being without time and space, God is changeless, formless, eternal and infinite.

This does not leave room for a pseudo-human in the sky or a God that is personified – made to be like a person – in any way. God simply is the actuality of all real things.

Many stories have been used to tell the story of this more abstract definition. A Course in Miracles itself uses the imagery and terminology of the Bible as the foundational framework of its teaching. Regardless, it is not necessary to overlay the storyline of a Father, a Son, or 26 gods on a mountain for the raw definition of Reality of God.

Truth is a reality of active creation to be experienced, not a stream of letters in a book. Even the words used here are simply pointers to an inner state to be achieved by each of us individually.

The stories and allegories told of God are only as useful as they help the learner come to the experiential realization of the One living God within their own frame of reference.

There is no need to further clarify what no one in the world can understand. When revelation of your Oneness comes, it will be known and fully understood. Now we have work to do, for those in time can speak of things beyond. Yet what meaning can the words convey to those who count the hours still, and rise and work and go to sleep by them?

ACIM Workbook for Students, Lesson 169
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