15. Why does the world suck?

Perception follows judgement. Our seeing a world that we do not like follows our judgement that the world is unstable, dangerous, and impossible to control.

This is a reversal of the beliefs of the world which would teach that we are at the mercy of outside elements ranging from our childhood, socio-economic affairs, identity politics, etc, et cetera. There is no end to the “reasons the world sucks” that seem outside of our individual control.

This belief is a misunderstanding of our identity. It is an unimaginable misplacement and reduction of our power. It leads to the world we see: a world of lack, competition for resources, and greed. It should be obvious that a reversal of the idea that we, individually and collectively, are powerless to the idea that we are powerful can only lead to a sense of security and peace of mind.

For a different perception, the judgement of what the world is for must change.

The state of the world is what it is for the purpose of causing us as individuals to seek a better way.

Pain thresholds can be high, but they are not limitless. Eventually everyone begins to recognize, however dimly, that there must be a better way.

A Course in Miracles, OrEd.Tx.2.II.48

That better way is a whole new value system, new belief system, that leaves no room for a disturbed mind. The Course guides that forgiveness is the path to that. If you are viewing a world that disturbs you in anyway, mind training with forgiveness principles is the way out permanently.

The better way is not of this world, not of the world of physicality. Recognizing that we are disturbed by the state of affairs is a first step. Realizing we have the power to mitigate, not the world events, but our perceptions to the events is a next step. A Course in Miracles is a series of teachings that leads you to that realization.

This is something you will need to work through with your Inner Guidance until you very literally “can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.” (Workbook, Lesson 294)

When you are [disturbed by] anything, you are acknowledging its power to hurt you. Remember that where your heart is, there is your treasure also. This means that you believe in what you value. If you are [disturbed], you are valuing wrongly. Human understanding will inevitably value wrongly and, by endowing all human thoughts with equal power, will inevitably destroy peace.

A Course in Miracles, OrEd.Tx.2.II.18
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