13. What is conveyed understanding?

Look at this symbol:

It need not be captioned for you to have a large set of memories, experiences, and emotions come to the forefront of your mind. This could have easily been the logo of a popular restaurant or brand to cause the same phenomenon.

The set of experiences brought to mind is different from person to person. In this exercise understand, the symbol itself is not important; the content of your mental space after encountering the symbol are the conveyed understandings.

If we assign a jazzy ring tone for our brother, and a standard telephone bell for all other callers, if our phone emits a jazzy ring tone, we understand our brother is calling. In a crowd of strangers, when the phone emits the ring, we are the only ones who have the additional information of who is on the other line. In this case, the information is conveyed only to us and not any other party nearby.

In fact, others in the crowd may have different personal experiences with the exact ringtone we recognize as our brother; different understandings are conveyed to them than to us from the one sound.

Conveyed understanding from spirit does not require physical input (sight, sound, smell, sensation); we simply understand new information.

Today we practice giving, not the way you understand it now, but as it is. Each hour's exercises should begin with this request for your enlightenment: "I will be still and listen to the truth. What does it mean to give and to receive?" Ask and expect an answer.

ACIM Workbook for Students Lesson 106

What we are asking for is an understanding we don't currently have and cannot come to by our own history and experience. First we must clear away your previous concepts, then allow a new thought to arise in your mind. Be still and clear minded and wait patiently. Gaining the amount of patience necessary is part of the A Course in Miracles’ mind training goals. Keep at the exercises until they work.

There has been some human controversy about the nature of seeing in relation to the integrative powers of the brain. Correctly understood, the issue revolves around the question of whether the body or the mind can see (or understand). This is not really open to question at all. The body is not capable of understanding, and only the mind can perceive anything. A pure mind knows the truth, and this is its strength.

A Course in Miracles, OrEd.Tx.3.III.23
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