4. Does A Course in Miracles lead to enlightenment?

In short, A Couse in Miracles makes claims that you are the ruler of your universe, then walks you through the steps of proving it to yourself. Yes, it is enlightening.

A Course in Miracles presents three facts that may not be readily believed, but are hopefully desirable to all:

  1. The world we see has no meaning other than the meaning we, individually, give it.
  2. We, individually, have power over our perception – the meaning we give the world.
  3. We, individually and collectively, fundamentally and innately desire peace, security, and happiness.

A purpose of the training is to lead an individual through a series of experiences wherein one learns tangibly that they are the arbiter of their perception. Once one realizes this to be the case, they will decide for peace, security and happiness. This is accomplished through forgiveness, the behavioral goal of the course and focus of the training exercises.

The forgiveness exercises are consistent – as often throughout a day, remember to act with the guidance of reason, the guidance of intuition, the guidance of higher Self. Built into the practice are powerful messages of encouragement to remind us of why these exercises consistently work. Examples:

  • God’s will for me is perfect happiness. I share God’s will for happiness for me.
  • This world holds nothing that I want. Beyond this world there is a world I want.
  • I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt. Et cetera.

It should be obvious that any teaching that imparts and proves such information can be considered “enlightening”.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

Here is the answer to your search for peace. Here is the key to meaning in a world which seems to make no sense. Here is the way to safety in apparent dangers which appear to threaten you at every turn, and bring uncertainty to all your hopes of ever finding quietness and peace.

Forgiveness is acquired. It is not inherent in the mind which cannot sin. As sin was an idea you taught yourself, forgiveness must be learned by you as well, but from a Teacher other than yourself, who represents the other Self in you.

ACIM Workbook, Lesson 121
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