Wapnick, Hoffmeister, and Identity

Kenneth Wapnicks teaching primarily focuses on the need to heal the ego belief.

He teaches us to look at it. We didn’t even know we were doing an ego belief. We thought that’s how the world just worked.

Kenneth’s teachings bring out the parts of the course that focus on human-to-human relationships, and how to atone within one. How to recognize and disengage. Metaphysical terminology, but no practical. (Demonstrated but did not speak verbally)

David gets more into explicit demonstration. He speaks very much to following guidance in the present moment, and under observation does seem to be living intentionally in such a way. Wapnick was in the same position of following guidance. He expressed his attitude in behavior, less so in his teaching.

Now, the next understanding to grasp after following and trusting guidance is to learn that the voice of guidance is your own.

You are the Holy Spirit. Do you believe this?

If you are ready to believe this you will have the experiences (see experiences such that they contain) the message of this truth.

If you currently do not believe this, recognize that your current belief can be changed.

Think of the difference in world you must be seeing such that you remember you are an entirely new sense of being.

Your belief will only change when your perception undeniably reflects a reason to change your mind.

Let all the reasons in the past be that you didn’t know this option of thought existed. Its fairly new. And when you understand it, you will remember you are God.

To recap:

Wapnick - ego dynamics Hoffmeister - Holy dynamics alex brady - identity

- alex brady