ACIM Unconventional Definitions

ACIM uses many common words, but expects the reader to discern that the words are being used in an uncommon way.

This phenomenon is exemplified in ACIM’s examination of the words “project” and “world” found in Urtext T 2 A 2.

Following the pattern, ACIM redefines or unconventionally uses the following words¹:







and the big one


*This list is under active development.*

- alex brady

P.S. - The exact thoughts in your head are what you want to be there. This is a mental power you have. Likely, you’ve forgotten you can flex this muscle. It can be remembered.

¹ - Conventional interpretation of these words in context usually yield peace pointing interpretaions. Using ACIM’s “enhanced definitions” more readily yields the interpretation of the passage that reminds the reader of a major goal of the course: the refution of the belief in the legitimacy of the historical world and the acceptance of a world beyond. ACIM’s “enhanced defintions” are additive, and up to the reader’s discernment to comprehend.

Do acknowledge that the interpretation that best yields the understanding that the world is illusion and the mind must waken from the illusion is the interpretation one should settle on.