Time and Space Unreal

Time and space perception are fundamentally UNREAL (REF 1). This is beyond what is necessary to understand in the beginning of the journey to Knowledge. You must, though, be open to consider it.

The effect of this truth is that none of the stage forms within time and space are real at all. The belief in spacetime is not painful, but the investment in what is going on therein is the problem.

An intermediary goal of returning to Knowledge is DISinvestment. Perception makes up our reality. What we think is happening is what we … think is happening. It is not what is actually happening. This is true within our personal social lives as well as the fundamental truth stated as REF 1.

To disinvest belief in what you thought was right, you must admit that maybe you have something new to learn. For a split second….you have to be willing to…..😰….change your mind 😱.¹

But here’s the cake. When you learn REF 1, in place of spacetime you learn that you are Creation itself – the noun and the verb. More so, that’s just what you do. Behind that you are Being itself – life, awesome, and happiness. The only thing that’s got you thinking otherwise is your investment in space-time, human shit.

  • alex brady

¹ - thats part of the main issue with modern humanity at large.² We are so identified with our beliefs, we are unwilling to consider new beliefs, labeling other ideas wrong before giving true intellectual consideration.
Moreover, we’ll often double-down on beliefs just to “prove” they must be right by our show of conviction. That is an immature maneuver that proves nothing but stubbornness.
To learn something new, one must pick up the new belief and truly examine it with curiosity and open-mindedness. If the new idea is found true and useful, keep it and use it. If it contradicts old ideas…It’s time to put down the old ideas. This is simple learning and growing.

² - emojis.. j/k I love em 😂