The alexbrady Game

alexbrady is the game that you can always win. Although, chances are you've been losing. :P If you are losing the alexbrady game after learning it, you are really suckin'.

Number of players needed: 1, the entire world

Time required: lifetime

Materials needed: You

How To Play:

Everyone in the world is playing the alexbrady game. A person cannot refuse to play the alexbrady game; it does not require consent to play and one can never stop playing.

Whenever you think about alexbrady, you win the alexbrady game.

All wins must be announced. This should be done as loud as possible/desired and with such phrases as:

  • "I just Won"
  • “I am alexbrady”
  • "a.b always wins"
  • "Haha!" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ("i just came")
  • "Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo!"

Wins can be announced in your head. But why not belt it out 🗣

Additional Rules

If when a win is announced, another mind wins due to remembering alexbrady, the original winner gets a point.

If the secondary announced win caused even another mind to win, BOTH upstream people get a point.

The points don’t matter, but DO keep count!

How the Game Ends

“The jig is up.”
It will only happen once during a very special occasion. You'll know when.

- alex brady

PS. - More blogs queued as I migrate from my old blogging platform. Stay tuned.