How to Stop Being Sick

I don’t have to get sick.

You know how Jesus of Nazareth went around healing people of their sicknesses?
What he was doing was reminding them they don’t have to be sick if they don’t want to be.
I assure you this is the case.

If being sick is a decision, you will never decide for the sickness. We have simply forgotten we can make this decision. The way to correct the belief that we cannot heal our sickness is to remember that we can.

The way to remember is the process of Atonement. Along the process of Atonement, an increase of peace, understanding, and miracles occurs to the participant.

Then you realize: “If miracles are real, I don’t have to be sick. Ever.”

Then you realize you never were.

  • alex brady
It is your thoughts alone that cause you pain. Nothing external to your mind can hurt or injure you in any way. There is no cause beyond yourself that can reach down and bring oppression. No-one but yourself affects you. There is nothing in the world which has the power to make you ill or sad, or weak or frail. But it is you who have the power to dominate all things you see by merely recognizing what you are. As you perceive the harmlessness in them, they will accept your holy will as theirs. And what was seen as fearful now becomes a source of innocence and holiness.