Spiritual Journey: an Interactive Storyline

the spiritual journey: an interactive story line

ACT 1: whatever the fuck just happened.

 : go ahead and write down some pertinent aspects of your history
 : and keep in mind the things that are important to you, but we didn't ask about

ACT 2: You remember the possibility that this new/old world is a possible attainment.

 : You gain understandings via teachings of this world
 : You gain understanding via experiencing this teaching in action
 : Read ACIM Text, maybe go through workbook once.
 : Our Guidelines specfically state needing to go through the ACIM Workbook parts 1 and 2 at least once *after* completion of the text

ACT 3: Resolution: You return to the place of power and peace.

 : If you are not at peace with your moments it is beacuse assuredly, and by definition you have not attained this step of the process
 : What this will look like perceptually for each individual will be 100% unique (perceptions are necessarily subjective)
 : At the level of spiritual/emotional content, everyone will have the same sense: "This is perfect"
 : That's the measure of advancement. How much do you remember this is perfect.
 : It will increase in frequency and intensity over time.<sup>1</sup>

- alex brady

1 - then time goes away. Our level of perfection is beyond space and time. If that doesn’t make sense now, it’ll make more sense when you get there.