Return to Godstate

To realize you are as God created you:

  1. Understand you are still actively currently and now in heaven, following the Laws of God

  2. The laws of God dictate what you desire you create. We have desired experience. Experience requires perception. Perception requires variability, time space and matter. Perception requires forgetting we are still actively currently and now in Heaven following the laws of god.

  3. Understand that the laws of perception are analogous to the laws of God.

  4. The laws of perception are what you believe you experience. It is one’s belief system that the world around them reflects back. This is only subjective. Objective perception is not possible. There can be shared time, space and matter events, but perception necessarily includes the observer.

  5. There is ONE exception. “Christ Mind”/Universal Conciousness/the Great Mind is the ONE observer that views from each individual’s mind simultaneously. This can also be said, there is a point of aggregation of ALL experiences. It does not need to be personified, the “data set” simply exists and is knowable/known at the level where the Laws of God reign without perception.

  6. To return to understanding the Laws of God, you must learn, remember, and operate conciously the law of perception. Humanity historically has not done this, and instead has considered themselves to be at the mercy of the world around them/us. Their seemingly being at the mercy of the world around them is perception reflecting a belief system. One of lack of control.

  7. To return to Knowledge, your own perception must begin to and stabilize at the understanding of the law of perception. You must see the world of matter space and time reflect what’s in your mind, reflect belief system. Once you see the mechanics of the law of perception work in your own experience, you cannot help but operate at with level of awareness. It’s a skill you learn that imbues your life experience. It can be mastered.

  8. Perception will stabilize only on true beliefs – beliefs that reflect the state of knowledge – wholeness peace and joy. A belief is an idea that necessarily implies its opposite exists. You must subjectively choose your beliefs. Your perception depends on it. (You may not believe this now, historically have not, but this is the belief you are correcting in learning God state. You must be willing to suspend disbelief and be willing to allow this to work. Or else your DISbelief will populate your perception.)

  9. When you are able to truly believe beliefs reflecting truth, perception reflects their truth and you will SEE that the laws of perception are in place as stated. You will then be more willing to accept more (quantitative and qualitative) true beliefs.

  10. True beliefs are found in ACIM. You don’t believe them now. But once you learn them, you will see them reflected in perception. This is true perception.

  11. True perception is still not Knowledge. The step to knowledge comes when it clicks that it is the laws of creation that the laws of perception are founded on. Perception itself melts away. You will begin to understand your divinity, mind supremacy, within perception. This is highly desirable. When you are ready, and only then, you will experience Divinity beyond perception.

  • alex brady


ACIM Urtext

T 7 C 6. Outside the Kingdom, the law which prevails inside it is adapted to “what you project you believe.” This is its teaching form, because outside the Kingdom teaching is mandatory because learning is essential. This form of the law clearly implies that you will learn what you are from what you have projected onto others and therefore believe they are. In the Kingdom, there is no teaching or learning, because there is no belief. There is only certainty. God and His Sons, in the surety of Being, know that what you project you are.

T 7 C 7. That form of the law is not adapted at all, being the Law of Creation.