Reality cannot be perceived

What we are cannot be perceived. If we define “reality” as what can be perceived, as is historically the case, we will define what we truly are as unreal. As well as the whole set of Real things.¹

Reality is not perceptible. It does produce perception and is reflected² in the objects of perception.

Reality is Knowledge based.³ Not the historic definition of knowledge. What is truly experienced and loved/understood is Known.

One can experience confusion: confusion is the lack of understanding and therefore not loved.⁴

A confused experience and a loved experience are utmost differentiable in the moment of experience. If you need to ask, it’s confusion.

-alex brady


¹ - As well as the whole host of Real things.

² - Reflected - mimics - satired - analogous’ed - shown

³ - see “Knowledge and Perception”

⁴ - and thereby not existent