Profound Thoughts

profound (adj.) - (of a state or quality) very great or intense

My thoughts aren’t profound. God’s Thoughts are profound. My thoughts remind you to look at God’s Thoughts.

Even Jesus says this.

Words aren’t Thoughts.

profound (adj.) -

  1. (of a person or statement) having or showing great knowledge or insight.
  2. (of a subject or thought) demanding deep study or thought.
  3. at, from, or extending to a great depth; very deep.

profound (n.) - the vast depth of of the mind.

In some sense the thoughts are profound.

This is the sense of the word that points away from God’s Thoughts.

profound (adj.) - relating to or supporting the mental state of “foundedness”, or salvation.

Had to make up a word for that one to work, but I am surely profound in this sense.

- alex brady