Other People’s Poop

Considering whether other people’s overt shittiness is similar to my behavior. Other people behave shittily because they perceive me¹ as being shitty first. So they are outwardly shitty because they feel inwardly shitty first.

Me: why do you make me deal with these people? If I am outwardly kind and they respond shittily it affects me poorly.

HS: Alexa, they killed me.

(That was enough to begin writing this note)

Further notes:

Its pre-planned. (This section of the hs noted note was pre-demarcated in advance; I was going to write but didnt)

Me: so I should know the plan.

Later edit: I feel like I wrote this a week ago… notable event that may have been the answer: I had a conversation on reddit that

  1. was familiar, indicating I kinda do know the plan
  2. included a moment where I commented "good luck" with a [Veruca Salt/Willy Wonka gif](https://media.giphy.com/media/vO8F4fYQd39h6/giphy.gif) "I want it now" in response to perceived impatience.

Even later edit (may 9, 21): There is a way to see the world where other people are not shitty at all. If I am seeing shittiness, it is because I am allowing the idea of shittiness to exist in my mind. This is not necessary, but does take mind training to correct.

¹ - the whole world