HS Noted 4

can you make it into heaven

AciM led me to heaven. Then dropped me off in real world. I am currently back here hanging out with you guys as well.

that’s the thing. you just realize Heaven is currently accessible.


Real World is definitely accessible here and now. Heaven is the next step, but boy!

if you are there, you are not here. Within awareness, you are either entirely sure perception is true or entirely sure heaven is true. Real World is more like here and kinda there, because it looks like historical world, but feels like Heaven. It’s still perception, but without all the guesswork and fear.

Heaven is some whole ass different shit that’s literally beyond perception.

You’re still actively doing that too, but it’s a whole new level of awareness that handles perception rather than being contained within it.

Within the lifetime on Earth as you re-remember it, it will seem new to you. Truly it’s foundational to memory and cognition. And is therefore pre-memory.

What’s important for your rememberance is that it will seem new to you as you approach it. That’s what it’ll feel like.

Also it will feel familiar. Just not something you’ve envountered in your historical past.

Like running into an old friend you 100% forgot about but slowly remember how cool they are over the course of the interaction.

I’m pretty sure the goal is to go 100% real world. Then eventually make the flip. pprreeettyy sure

Heaven via Real World a memory point that you have.

When I say I’m not there now, but I can remember it I mean this:

I’m simply thinking I’m not in heaven right now, so I’m not there.

It’s literally that simple. It’s going to take some convincing you, beause theres a good chance you don’t think the world works like that. That beliefs cause “my reality.”

But it literally does. And beacuse it does, you* can prove that to you.

* I can’t.

“Peace Now” illicits the response of calling a band to attention.

Seek peace.

Peace now.

a feature of christ mind is joined memory spaces. at this level it is memory of both past and future, though a “human amount” of it.

the space of thinking in now, can be whatever the fuck you want to be there. we don’t know how to do that yet. as has been historically the case. We can learn how to do this.

it’s been my experience that you gain more “working memory”, capacity, as well as future memories that we have historically frowned upon or been unable to accept / do / believed we can do.

you have to believe that your DISbelief that you can do it is what’s causing the lack of ability to do it.

jesus (to me): what gives?

me: do you believe i am behaving inappropriately

j: no, look at me, what gives

me: be fuddled what?

j: what gives?

me: im not doing anyhing odd or wrong right?

j: what. gives.

me: ..? Givers give.

… God gives

jesus: donger God Gives donger 🎉

(song plays)