Non-dualism in Disappearance

This is a conversation. P and A are teachers. G is a student.

P: The concept of oneness is hardly an original one. However, the question few people ever ask is What am I really one with? Although most of those who do ask this question would say the answer is God, they then make the error of assuming they and this universe were created in their present form by the Divine. That is not true, and it leaves the seeker in a position where even if he masters the mind, as Buddha certainly did, he will still not reach God in a permanent way. Yes, he will achieve oneness with the mind that made the duality waves. This mind, in a non-place that transcends all of your dimensions is completely outside of the system of time, space, and form. This is the logical and proper extension of non-duality, yet it is still not God. It is, in fact, a dead end. Or better yet, a dead beginning. This explains why Buddhism, which is obviously the world’s most psychologically sophisticated religion, does not handle the issue of God. It’s because Buddha didn’t handle the issue oGod while he was still in the body you call Buddha. It’s also the reason we’ll be making distinctions between non-dualism and pure non-dualism. When Buddha said, “I am awake,” he meant he realized that we was not actually a participant in the illusion but the maker of the entire illusion.

Still there is another step required, where the mind that is the maker of the illusion chooses completely against itself in favor of God. Of course someone of Buddha’s tremendous accomplishment had a snap of it, quickly going on to the exact same awareness as J. But this was done by Buddha in a lifetime the world doesn’t even know about. It’s not unheard of for people to achieve J’s level of enlightenment in obscurity, and for the world to this the achieved it in a more famous lifetime when they really didn’t. Most people who approach true spiritual mastery are not interested in being leaders. At the same time, there are people who are highly visible when, rather than being true masters of spirituality and metaphysics, they are merely exhibiting the symptoms of an extroverted personality.

G: So how did J experience his oneness with God?

A: That’s coming. One of the reasons we’re telling you these things is so we can put some of his statements into context for you. One of the things he had to realize was not only that the universe doesn’t exists, but that he didn’t exist on any level other than pure spirit. That’s something that practically no one really wants to learn. It’s terrifying to all people on an unconcious levelbecause it means the relinquishent of any individuality or personal identity, now and forever.

G: I once heard Aryvedic physician Deepak Chopra say to his students, “I’m not here.” Is that the kind of experience you’re refering to?

A: The doctor you speak of is a brilliant and articulate man, but it doesn’t do you much good to know you’re not here if you don’t have the whole picture. Sure it’s a step in the right direction, but the kind of think i;m speaking of right now is not just that I’m not here, but that I don’t even exist in an individual way – not on any  level. There is no separated or individual soul. There is no Atman, as the Hindus call it, except as a mis-thought in the mind. There is only God.

G: So you’re not here; you don’t even exist, and the mind is projecting these duality waves so they can seem to become solid particles by interactive with each other like in a movie. Also you’re saying that few people have ever been aware of the real reason they’re appearing here.

A: With the attitude of non-dualism you are acquiring the ability to question all of your judgements and beliefs. Now you realize there is no such thing as subject object, there is only oneness. Still in known to you, is that this is an imitation of genuine oneness. Few have learned to make the distinction between being one with the mind that has seemingly separated itself from God, and being one with God. The mind must be returned to Him. Traditional non dualism is a step along the way. You learn you can separate thing from anything else or anything from you.

P/A: As aspects of Buddhism correctly teach, the mind that is thinking everything is one mind. What no philosophy except one teaches is a truth will seldom be well received by anyone: the fact that the mind is itself also an illusion.

P: It should be obvious that if there is only oneness, anything thing wise that appears must have been made up. Further it must have been made up for a damn good reason (and only recent teaching [ACIM] satisfactorily answers). Instead of judging the world and everything in it, it would be more helpful to ask what value you saw in making it up in the first place. It would be wise to all to ask what would be a more appropriate response to it now.

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This has been an excerpt from Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard

I recommend this book.