New Creation

the science of heaven on earth and how you can join the process now

you understand a different type of doing that you do you’re already doing it, you need to become aware of it

New Creation: we conventionally define creation as starting, working on, and ending a project with some amount of credibility A new way to view creations, a fully new understanding Creation is the production of experience within the present moment

I - a Life

Life - the creative process



  • the act of producing experience
  • the experience

You can think of this as though it means you are “creating” your life story. You are in charge of the roles and identities you want to put there.

This has more use when you allow it to mean the one mind we share presently creating one’s present moment.

The latter is a likely previously-unconsidered level of awareness one can get to. The former is a fine self-concept for conventional human living.

“The power of decision is my own.”

- alex brady