Mind ID Methodology

Mind Identity is based almost exclusively on ACIM teachings. The Mind Identity Principles come together in two co-intertwined methods:

Method 1

Because studies have shown that ACIM works, Principles, theories and concepts are distill from ACIM canon. That is to say the words of ACIM are reduced bite-sized heuristics and testable theorems.

There are no Mind Identity Principles that cannot be fully accredited to the words of ACIM’s 3 primary works: the a) Text, b) Workbook, and c) Manual.

In Context: It is for the proposer of a Mind ID principle to provide their interpretive context for the surrounding a) section, b) lesson, or c) section respectively. These contextual references are examined by the MIT reesarch team.

Method 2

Mind ID theorems are written in conjuction with Higher Mind. Practically speaking, the providing researcher is at-one with Christ. The researcher is thereby Reverse-engineering the process to achieve their state of awareness.

Theorems are written only under states of forgiveness, miracle-mindedness, Christ-guidance or any similar ACIM or ACIM-derived terms.

The Mind ID experiments are written for any participant, regardlesso ftheir current state of identity. Given their expressed purpose is to lead participants to higher states of awareness, the ideal participants are ones not at such a state.