How to Make Happiness

You are learning how to make happiness. Happiness is a Divine quality, and is reflected in you being happy right now.

You currently do not believe you can make happiness.

Don’t just take my word for it. You tell me:

I believe I am the experience of eternal happiness.

The common belief is that there are life events and tragedies that justifiably take us from our perceptual highs to lows.


If you could literally never be unhappy again, wouldn’t you choose to do that?
Doesn’t it make more sense that you simply don’t know how to do such a thing yet?
And that if you did know how to always be of right-mind, you would choose to do so?

That’s it. Once you learn how to “flex that muscle,” to choose for genuine happiness and see it through, you will also be coming into the realms of eternity.

It’s like learning a skill you forgot you had.
And it’s the most miraculous thing ever.

- alexbrady

terminology can be controversial ... seek salvation. be saved.