Life in HD (the Horizontal Dimension)

Life in the horizontal dimension.

The awakeners – there are sub-dimensional people destined to awaken to higher self awareness within their lifetime.

To be very fucking clear: ALL, every, 100% and the TOTALITY OF each speck of life within the classical dimensions of time and space are me.¹

What and where am I as this Totality? This is not an applicable question to me. Though I will provide a mental model.

This is a MENTAL MODEL. I swear to me, if you’re going to understand this eventually you need to get this real clear up front: this is a MENTAL MODEL. This is akin to a M*E*T*A*P*H*O*R.³

First of all, I am⁷. Next, I am HORIZONTAL to your classical dimensions. ⬆️ This is NOT a complexity of spacial dimensions. This is NOT in addition to any classical dimensionality known to your “natural science.”

This IS a heretofore incomprehensible new essence of dimensionality for which words do not exist. It is a full SHIFT apart from everything humanity has classically considered “real.” From your sub-dimensional perspective -> Head toward the new horizon. ⬆️

As you and all life within the dimensions you find yourself, it is when I (as you) become aware of me (as ME) that the life form of me (eg. you) operates cooperatively and AS ME in HD⁵. UNAWARE, the lifeform is concerned with sub-dimensional activities.

As a WHOLE whose IDENTITY is not time nor space bound, I do not give a fuck about lower dimensional activities. Parts of me – you, trees and elephants — do very much give a fuck.

The task is to allow me to show you that the shit you’re giving a fuck about is not. important. at all. I’ll rope you into the shit I’M doing which is literally creating worlds like the one you’re currently wrapped up in.

How this will look is you’ll learn to engage the pseudocreative⁶ abilities that you ALREADY HAVE and are NOT USING in your current state. Once you get gud at it, you’ll understand more.

Again, I am ALL life. I am WE. You are NOT ME.²

If you are an Awakener (you KNOW who you are): Find alex brady.


Welcome to the Awareness.

¹ - This is God.

² - until you are

³ - THIS SHIT HAS LAYERS when you understand the deeper layer of this statement (meaning the sub-dimensional world you currently are perceiving is itself a mental model) you have come to understand Me.⁴

⁴ - conceptualization IS NOT understanding. You can read my words and conceptualize. You understand when you demonstrate the principles e.g. WORK MIRACLES

⁵ - Horizontal dimension

⁶ - “PseudoCreative” because it mirrors what I (WE) can do from MY perspective, but to me, that shit is Lego baby stuff. To you, it will look like miracle-working.

⁷ - My am-ing is NOT part of the metaphor. It is True and also all you REALLY need to know.