The Law of Buttz

the law of buttz¹

Listen, this is only about buttz.

Nothing exists but buttz.

To the extent you think there is more than BUT, you are undeniably incorrect.

  • But….

Yes exactly that.

Its all about buts. Nothing buttz the fact.

But butt buttz…

If you want to make this about butt…(🍑). (͡o‿O͡)….whatever

This is about BUT.

As in there is only one thing.

As in anything BUT that is a contradiction.

God is but Love and therefore so is ALL. There is nothing BUT but BUT – reason after reason for why there is more than the only thing that is.

Buttz are FUNNY. But that and only that.

          Ad for hats:
              Ass (Y)
              Juicier booty ( Y )
              Juiciest (  Y  )
          end ad

               *what a juicy ad*

I call this the rules of BUTTZ

  • G45

“God is but Love and therefore so am I.” 🍑🧡

¹ - “buttz” is pronounced /bət/ or /bʌt/ or bŭt