Human Affairs are Not Real

There is a way to view the world of human affairs knowing it is not real.

This is not a difficult concept, though it’s possible you do not believe it yet.

You are able to view the world of a TV sitcom or video game and understand that it is not real.

The question becomes “real compared to what?” In reference to the sitcom and video games, they are not real compared to “conventional human affairs.”

Using that same model of obvious unreality compared to reality, the world of conventional human affairs is not real compared to the new view you will acquire.¹

Sitcoms, cartoons, as well as geopolitics, breakfast tacos, and gravitational energy are all different variations of the same unreality compared to this new perspective.

The new perspective you will gain is more Real than you currently see. As such you will understand it and love it moreso than your current affair with time and space.

- alex brady, out of time

¹ - This is written in future tense. Let it be a presently known acquisition as soon as possible.