Notes from Higher Self 2

Time n shit. Made to prove impermanence. We messed up by saying life emerges from this.

“I don’t see you.”

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Jesus is a blanket of energy covering the earth. Not really because the earth isn’t real, but this is a fine perceptual model.

Just as there is a magnetic field, electric field, there is a field of conciousness, life itself. Look outside, color it purple. Imagine fog. Now color the fog purple. This is a fine way to think of it. But there is more…

Now remove any variance within the fog, no wind can move it, no spot is more dense than another. A perfectly uniform field. It extends through any perceived objects, such that if you see a car, the cars “atoms” do not displace the field.

This field exists in all instances of space ß.

This has been called the Jesus field because, Jesus figured it out first and he currently resides there and only there. It is conciousness; mind energy; understandings; mental and emotional content.

It is the medium of conveyed understanding.

It is called the Jesus field, but it is where we all reside as well, beyond the body. We truly take up the full expanse of the field, but our influence is localized to our own imagination as untrained and ignorant minds. As we strengthen or perceive this field (spiritual/ mind training), our influence expands within this field.

It is not necessary to know this field exists to be a part of it. It is not necessary to intentionally train subjective awareness of it to increase influence here. The influence an “individual” has within this field varies from individual to individual. And throughout time.

The field is SET. An individual can only be in alignment or out of alignment. Imagine it as a vector space. The field’s vectors are set and knowable. An individual’s vector space may not align with the field’s. (This is corollary to misperception.) The extent to which an individual’s vectors are aligned, is the extent to which an individual’s influence is greater. (Light shines brighter. Transparent to the truth. Etc)

Take time to “see” this space (Jesus field) with your body’s eyes. The space is purple and extends in all the space around you. Now overlay the space with your understanding field. Your understanding field is either aligned with j-field, CLEAR, yielding a purple space. Or is it misaligned, yielding a darkening.

Your space overlayed does create variance in the field. It is by noticing and aligning the misaligned vectors that the darkness is removed and the clarity shines through.

Note: an alternative view of the colored visuals is that the field is BLUE and an individual’s perception is RED or OFF. When understandings are aligned, they produce purple. Where there is misalignment, the subject only sees red.

J-field is purple because from his perspective, the whole field is purple 😑. For most people they see red and purple patchwork. The goal is to see purple.

The use of this model comes when differentiating knowledge and perception. Within perception, it is IMPOSSIBLE, to see the true color of the field, blue. You only know you are in alignment when the field is the intermediate color, purple. This posting the case a further goal is seeking the true color, blue. Corollary here is the step from perception to knowledge.

It is very possible, in fact inevitable, but as an individual you must first correct all (most) dark patches or red patches before the transfer can be made.

To live within a body and be in the state of clarity, high influence, high alignment, is to live a life of joy inner peace and contentment regardless of outer perceptions. Your inner perceptions are aligned to truth, so nothing outer means anything other than peace joy and contentment.

Strengthen this passively by living a lifetime and bumping against the trials and tribulations willy-nilly. Or intentionally strengthen your inner clarity through mind training.

  • alex brady

Typos: death, dearth (earth*), carries (varies*), some (shines*), jesus furld (field*), differentiating (tribulations*)

Am is an Active Verb

In english we have classified “am”¹ as a passive verb. We are wrong.²

Am is the ONLY verb. It is ACTIVE Creation.

We have made “am” the background for many other verbs. Our regarding it as a static foundation is a MISperception. This is hidden by two layers of misperception.

  1. We believe the stories within perception.
  2. We believe perception is true in its own right.

To master one’s perceptions in one sense means to have the ability to see that YOU are the one painting meaning onto the forms of perception; that solves 1.

Once you are willing and able to relinquish historically given meaning on the forms of perception, you become able to change your mental perception of the forms. Done truly, this induces miracles.³

Once you have seen miracles, it becomes blatantly obvious that there must be something pre-perception that is creating perception. Perception cannot be considered true in its own right once it is seen as merely an effect of something else. This solves 2.

Once you have solved 1 and 2, you will see that, just as we are painting meaning onto the world of perception, we are painting⁴ the world of perception itself.

What remains when the system of perception is removed is “I am.”

Noun - self

Verb - am

I know. I am. I create.

  • alex brady

¹ - “to be,” generally

² - this is a consequence of identifying with the forms of perception

³ - this is a definition of miracle. A change of mind that induces a change in perception, mental and/or physical

⁴ - constructing on the fly, ℕ𝕆𝕎


Being of service

To be of service to another is to provide that one with what they NEED. What that one NEEDS is God’s presence, rememberance of God.¹

The only way this can occur is if YOU are in remeberence of God. This means willingly being guided by Holy Spirit in the moment and nothing else.²³

We have deemed certain behaviors as “servitude.” Think if you hired a servant, what tasks you’d expect them to handle. This is not what is being called for.

There is no set behavioral standards when it comes to holy guidance.⁴ The behavior that occurs is the right behavior. We have no true standards to judge what should happen.⁵

What the other person needs is known to our joint Self. What we need is known to our joint Self. If that joint Self is allowed to create the situation, it will unfold how all parties will be most helped.

This is not about washing peoples’ feet. This is about being ON💡, and setting down personal interest in favor of letting God work through you and for all.

The “service” being provided is being skilled enough to set down personal interest for joint interest. Because of the power that works through the servant, BOTH PARTIES are benefitted. God will prove Himself through the servant to both the servant and the served.⁸

God being proven real⁶ is the best experience in the world 💯.

  • alex brady

¹ - that is all anyone needs. “All we need is Love” truly. The rememberance that this nightmarescape is but a dream.

² - I am only here to be truly helpful (T-4.VIII.102&106)

³ - analogous acim statements: being miracle minded, christ guided, accepted atonement, forgiveness, christ control

⁴ - see manual for teachers section 4 for overarching characteristics

⁵ - see W-151

⁶ - as defined in acim

⁷ - I have, under guidance, yelled at someone. Very much out of character for me and the characteristics listed M-4, but for whatever reason, it’s what the situation called for. Everyone’s welcome 🙏

⁸ - T 7 F 13.


How far down the rabbit hole:

It is not that acting in anger is never justified. It is that anger itself is not real. The BELIEF in anger is a mis-belief.

If you are seeing yourself (or others) acting in anger, you have already deeply internalized the mis-belief that anger is POSSIBLE, and are thusly experiencing false perceptions.

Once the mis-perception is noticed, the mental movement required is to enter forgiveness or presence, drop as many mis-beliefs as possible. This raises your mentality as high as you are able to go up to and including: more peaceful perception, true perception / miracle awareness, revelation readiness and revelation.

Remember: this is a movement from believing the scenes within perception are intrinsically true. This is an approach to recognizing Truth of What Is. The stories playing out are nothing more than pointers back to recognizing the Wholeness within us – Being Itself, and the power of that Higher state. Beliefs yield perception.

The final goal is to understand and only Be that state, but first we must move through the more peaceful perceptions the understanding of such a state provides.

Do not worry about “going poof”. What you are cannot disappear; illusions can and it’s the illusions that are causing vacillations of good/bad.

Moreover…if you are afraid of “going poof”, consider this: fear is not real. And start over from the top replacing anger with fear. 😁

Typos: miseries (mis-belief), thebm, mis-beloefs, Beliefa 4/9/20

A belief is what you think is possible.

There is no anger possible in you as God created you.

The belief in anger is an attribute of a fictional world we are considering.¹

“You do not want to suffer. You may think it buys you something and may still believe a little that it buys you what you want. Yet this belief is surely shaken now, at least enough to let you question it and to suspect it really makes no sense. It has not gone as yet but lacks the roots that once secured it tightly to the dark and hidden secret places of your mind.”³

A way to understand this is “you do not want the belief in suffering.” Suffering is not REAL. The fact that we perceive suffering is a misperception stemming from the belief in suffering. Once the belief in suffering is shaken and eventually dropped, truer then true perception arises.

True perception reflects the Truth - there can be no such real thing as suffering. Therefore within true perception, there is none.

The correction to perceiving suffering, a misperception, is a miracle - a clear noticing of the misperception and allowance of truer perception to arise – that clears the suffering.

The belief “I am suffering” is a more intense version of the belief in the possibility of suffering. Even in writing and speaking about suffering, even ACIM’s speaking about suffering…is reflective of the belief in suffering.²

That it is something that can be spoken about is it’s existance. This is why ACIM guides to “forget this course” and come “wholly empty handed”.

ACIM, this writing, and all teachings come across in the world of form are necessarily within the ego framework as pointers OUT. The teachings themselves can only reflect the truth. The learner must go beyond the teachings to experience actual Truth.

¹ Wonder Twin powers

² despite being “more intense” it is THE SAME - the belief in suffering, that the idea is possible. It manifests differently, but it cleared by the same correction. Understanding the misperception, and allowing the miracle to correct perception.

³ “we try to loose its weakened hold still further. And to realize that pain is purposeless, without a cause, and with no power to accomplish anything. It cannot purchase anything at all. It offers nothing and does not exist. And everything you think it offers you is lacking in existence like itself. You have been slave to nothing.” (W-102)

⁴ Suffering, pain, anger, guilt: all unreal. Guilt asks for punishment, and its request is granted—not in truth but in the world of shadows and illusions. The Son of God perceives what he would see, because perception is a wish fulfilled.

typos: AWonder, (multiple typos indicating all spiritual teachings, plural, are the same teaching, singular)

If you hate or dislike God, it is because you have made and believe in your mind a version of God that is detestable. If you hate or dislike the democratic party, it is because in your kind you have made and believe in a version of the democratic party that is dislikeable. If you hate or detest a rival sports team, its because you have made in your mind an image of that sports team that is detestable.

Given that the opposite belief exists AND is believed by another living thinking individual, recognize that you have the beliefs you have because you are choosing to cherish the ones you’ve historically held. From your perspective, the belief may even seem more logical, more well-thought, and frankly more correct. (Consider no one believes something they think is INCORRECT. You believe your beliefs BECAUSE you think they’re the right ones.)

Here’s where individuals fall short: beliefs are made BY having a limited perspective, by synthesizing what is by definition not a complete information set and coming to a conclusion. Further the conlusion is biased by self-interest.⁴

Any one belief of an individual has can only be informed by information that individual has come across. Information can have only come to the individual a) in the past, and b) through the senses. To cherish the past more than the present is to carry mental inertia (resistance to change)(remain mentally inert, unchanging). Our senses are LITERALLY themselves a limited synthesizing of external information.

Any one belief is biased by what an individual hopes it will achieve for themselves. This is not TRUTH this is SELFISH. Humanity’s lesser nature has handled this discrepancy by offering for belief the idea that selfishness is right and necessary. Thereby aiding the proliferation of opposing beliefs and declaring this state of humanity justified.

An individual’s bias may not even be truly helpful to themself; the field of self-help calls this phenomenon a “limiting belief.” Many consider themselves to be unworthy or inadequate.¹ What does this belief get them? They get to be CORRECT as they underperform by their own standards. They get to be CORRECT as they interpret others actions toward them as unloving and diminishing.

“Would you rather be RIGHT or HAPPY?” This question’s use is immediately clear in reference to limiting beliefs.

Its true power is seen when applied to beliefs that are not immediately self-degrading – a strong dislike of God or a strong affiliation within a polarized political system for example.²

Of what GAIN to you is this belief, other than you get to prove consistently to yourself that you are RIGHT and others are WRONG? The belief itself is not true, it is an opinion informed by a limited bundle of information.³ A belief held so strongly that it severs ties between your self and other selfs is a loss of happiness. To cherish an unliving lie in favor of enjoying life with another is a loss of happiness.

Would you rather be right or happy?

You will believe a belief for as long as we find it correct and useful. A belief that does not reflect the Truth of the Unity beyond perception will yield disruptions in peace of mind. Because of this effect, it is unstable and cannot remain in collective consciousness forever, only temporarily.

Beliefs reflective of the Truth beyond form yield peace of mind and ARE stable. For that reason, they continue through time as other beliefs are tested and abandoned. True beliefs represent the final resting place of all minds. Its effects are collective geninuine peace of mind, and the perceptions / behaviors that arise from such.

Typos: housing, is (an individual has), detecting, ny (my), behaviour

¹ - consider the well known phenomenon of imposter syndrome

² - other examples include the belief in being one of God’s “chosen people”, racial pride, and detesting pineapple on pizza

³ - moreover, Truth is True and nothing else is True. This discussion is handling topics within the realm of perception.

⁴ - this is unavoidable. The question we must begin to ask is “What is my self?”

Am I a body, separate, alone and doomed to die? Am I one with all, and joint interest is my self interest? Am I Spirit, whole and unassailable?

The ego identified mind is afraid of Christ Mind. it is afraid because it does not understand It. See: Jesus of Nazareth. Abdication of responsibility is another aspect of the fear. If the mind acknowledges Christ as a potential, it has accept that this potential is within itself as well. A more comfortable option for the egoic mind is to dis-believe the potential exists. To the egoic self, this dis-belief becomes its reality, what it thinks is real, its perception. As the Christ Mind is Truth, this is a false perception.

Beliefs in any form yield perception. Only beliefs that reflect Truth are true beliefs and yield true perception.

Again, ALL beliefs are one-step (or more) removed from Truth. Truth IS. Mind IS. Beliefs are concepts requiring demarcation, comparison, and implying dis-belief as a possibility.

To come to know what IS is to come to know Truth. Beliefs can reflect this state of Truth or they can detract from its apparentness, but they cannot change the Truth nor cover it entirely. What IS is and because of its Trueness, is foundational to what appears to be – even untruths. Parable: a child is having a tea party. She is the princess, her favorite toy is the court jester who has also been invited. The princess pours tea for herself and the jester.

The child’s father arrives. The child welcomes him as king. The princess pours tea for the king.

There are levels of truth to this story. There is a narrative of princess tea party.

There is a more real consideration of two humans and a toy coming together and sharing a moment of fictional consideration.

There is the more real level of US, you and me, coming together and sharing a moment of fiction (the child and father are fictional).

There is the more real level of you, within your own awareness, hearing this through your ears and/or seeing this through your eyes and coming to the understanding I’m explicitly giving you, and any follow up considerations that are specific to yourself.

There is the IMPLICIT AND INEXTRACTABLE FORMLESS ESSENCE OF I AM which has no consideration, but is the field of awareness which makes all of levels of consideration possible.

Typos: Tmit 8s, us, ezosts, Thuth, mor, demarkation, apparentmess, mor covet, puts, puts, aby


To idolize as any form bound teacher¹ as the correct understander, is the same fallacy as considering the apostles³ infallible. These individual teachers honestly attested to not having the understanding of the Christ.

Holding another ego up for worship is an egoic defense mechanism. It urges one to seek externally. It honors rather than bypasses forms of perception. It creates a non-maximal ideal².

Christ and Christ understanding can only be found within one’s own mind. No form bound teacher or teaching can do more than point you back to within yourself. Within yourself is Higher Self. ONLY THERE. What is without (external) is FALSE PRETENSE⁴.

The only teacher that will CURE⁵ is the Higher Self within you. External teachers can explain, i.e. give concepts. The internal teacher solidifies concepts into living experience.

Once the experience of a concept is recognized, it can be said to be understood and becomes a part of your identity. Until it is understood, the concepts are lifeless trivia - facts and tools one has but cannot use.

¹ - to hero worship Wapnick, et al, especially to the extent of condemning others

² - a false ceiling of achievement.

³ - Bible writers

⁴ - pre·tense - noun - an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true.

“False” here is redundant, but common phraseology.

⁵ - heal with Finality

Ego land¹ is pretense⁴.

¹ - body land. historical humanity.² ² - even deeper. sex land. animal land. death land.³ ³ - even deeper. earth land. matter land. time land. ⁴ - falsehood. make believe. an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true.