Notes from Higher Self

Coddling a person for feeling down is just the same as encouraging unhealthy eating in a physically unhealthy. It may be what the situation calls for, but that can only be determined after right minded consultation. To reactively do it is unconsciousness.

Why. To encourage unhealthy physical acts in one who still believes in their body identity is to encourage early body failure. Mental strength is “choose peace”. Promote that purpos


What goes down? The last thing you just thought.

2/8.11/74/Sat., Feb 27 Uploading 1 file. loading bar Started with month, went more literally stream of perception

Argumentative. Been called argumentative my whole life. This is just how I talk, I don’t let inaccuracies slip by. Imprecision of speech masks misunderstanding. Misunderstandings breed chaos.

Holy Spirit’s Answer

X - Higher Self - Christ - God - Universal Intelligence

  • are you still here? Yes.
  • say it with your chest. 😟💖💖💖💖 ヽ༼ ͠ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽ノヽ༼ຈ ل ຈ༽ノヽ༼ ͠ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽ノ


What we are cannot be perceived. If we define “reality” as what can be perceived, as is historically the case, we will define what we truly are as unreal. As well as the whole set of Real things. (As well as the whole host of Real things.)

Reality is not perceptible. It does produce perception and is reflected in the objects of perception. Reflected - mimics - satired - analogous’ed - shown

Reality is Knowledge based. Not the historic definition of knowledge. What is truly experienced and loved/understood is Known. One can experience confusion: confusion is the lack of understanding and therefore not loved (lol autocorrect suggested, existent).

A confused experience and a loved experience are utmost differentiable in the moment of experience. If you need to ask, it’s confusion.


THE teacher of God is the Holy Spirit – the inner guide. There is literally a communication link with your Higher Self within you, in your mind. As in you can talk to God. And God listens and replies, TCP not UDP. And not TCP either, that’s a metaphor. God also creates life, creates being, creates existance. What is life. You are being right now right? And your whole life you’ve been being.

When you are ready to receive the truth of you essence as Divinity by simply strengthen and loosening you minds and REMEMBERING it, come find me.

John 16 “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. 13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. 14 He will glorify me because it is from me that he will receive what he will make known to you. 15 All that belongs to the Father is mine. That is why I said the Spirit will receive from me what he will make known to you.”

8 When he comes, he will prove the world to be in the wrong about sin and righteousness and judgment: 9 about sin, because people do not believe in me; 10 about righteousness, because I am going to the Father, where you can see me no longer; 11 and about judgment, because the prince of this world now stands condemned.


It sounds crazy right? Like it’s not true. Like its the complete opposite of what we think of reality.

But if it’s true it has the potential to prove itself. To you, subjectively. Then we will do miracles together, and surely those will be spectacular. (For believers by believers)

I’m ooold.

  • how old? All of it.

Christ is all of it years old. Being life itself, he is all lifeforms simultaneously. He’s reading all of it at the same time. You can think of it as he is every lifeform at every moment. (Visual of moment to moment scenes) This is enough for stage 1 understanding. When you are ready (aka able) to recognize, nothing is as it seems, add this idea: all time is happening at once as well.

I love you. a sheet of notebook paper

Explanation: (Serious) take this down on a sheet of notebook paper

  • has phone available serious……🧡😋
  • 🧐…..💖

  • Why am I still here if we both agree it would be better if I were not? Because you think that with your little thoughts. (Further clarification: you seeing yourself as thinking is a symptom of the very predicament. a Thought simply is.)

Considering whether other peoples overt shittiness is similar to my behavior. Other people behave shittily because they perceive me (the world) as being shitty first. So they are outwardly shitty because they feel inwardly shitty first.

Me: why do you make me deal with these people? If I am outwardly kind and they respond shittily it affects me poorly.

HS: Alexa, they killed me. (That was enough to begin writing this note)

Further notes:

Its pre-planned. (This section of the hs noted note was pre-demarcated in advance; I was going to write but didnt)

Me: so I should know the plan.

Later edit: I feel like I wrote this a week ago… notable event that maybe have been the answer: conversation on reddit Quoose a) familiar, indicating I kinda do b) there was a moment where I commented “good luck” with a violet/willy Wonka gif “I want it now” in response to impatience.

Remember to tell the world how much you love me.

  • The last dealing with this person was “not speak”, but you say “tell” – should I speak it or demonstrate love by not speaking? It’s not “Go Shake Ya Azz on the mountain.”
  • (in this case i should speak)

Can you spend all day in my embrace?

World of form and time is necessarily a wolrd of separation time, the goal is to leave this realm. This world view. This modality. In practice although thought experiments will be on the way.

When you can see from the view of Mind, the thought system within ACIM becomes true. The extent to which it is true within one’s concious experience is the extent to the “peace of God”.

A. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. B. Nothing of Mind can be threatened. Nothing not of Mind exists. C. Nothing of Spirit can be threatened. Nothing not of spirit exists.

Starting from the egoic thought system, we do not agree with these statements. A. We exist within proof that we can be threatened AND that we exist. 1. I am real and can be threatened - false. 2. Nothing unreal exists - true enough. B. The first part makes sense intellectually. Stick and stonez… Cant injure ideas. 1. True 2. False. A lot of non mind things exist. C. See B

ACIM engages at the level of A. It does not try to prove things you thing are real are not…. It does engage the composition of the Real, namely by engaging in mental and spiritual teaching and training and allowing you to simply watch the results in your life. (It also teaches you how to watch.) It elaborates the “intellectually true” parts of B1 and C1 to cause A2.

Once that pipeline is seen to work, repetively, accurately, etc, the “false” areas begin to seem more true.

Miracles happen BECAUSE b2 and c2 are true.

Introduction to sameness.

Short clip of two space instances. Within one is object 1, the other object 2. We discuss.

Object 1 and 2 have two qualities we will be discussing: shape and color. Shapes are predefined: circle, square, triangle Colors predefined: red blue gold

Conceptully, Heaven can be considered the Ideal System. The world of ideal ideas.

Holy af probably: Every thought (moment) you have is either a thought (moment) of love or of fear; thought is the content of a time tinterval. One or the other. And every moment time you experience is either perceived as loving or fearful, holy or egoic.

Imaginings are as real as time and space happenings (in that they’re not real). We have added an imagined “reality/unreal” paradigm contrasting tangible perception and mental perception. All perception is of the same quality contrasted with knowledge.

A spirit is a thought. A belief is a thought. A spirit is a belief.

New definition of belief: You think such a thing is POSSIBLE.

If it crosses your mind at all you believe it is possible.

The Holy spirit is the holy thought, the holy belief. The belief in total unity. The thought that at this moment I am united with X.

True or false You think you are the life stories and situations that play out in your awareness.

Christ vision: everything someone says is literally a form of communication from Higher Self. Everything that happens within awareness is communication with Self. You must learn how to hear or understand these messages.

Lesson 9: I see nothing as it is now. It is difficult for the untrained mind to believe that what seems to be pictured before it is not there. Each little step will clear a little of the darkness away, and understanding will finally come to lighten the mind.

First of all: the message always has the emotional content of peace. If you are receiving disturbance, listen again.

The words you receive, eg conversation, contain innuendo, pun, and reflect solutions to other areas in life. The visuals you receive, sounds, smells, tangiblity.

Mental perception is the area of innuendo and understanding – where this occurs is mental perception. The faculty that organizes, orders and judges physical perception.

This is the active state of Listen Learn Do.

The passive state of this modality is Forgiveness. That is to say, releasing previous perceptions in the temporal moment and allowing new perceptions to arise. “Now let a new perception come to me.”

Christ-guidance. Master Intuition.

How does God answer prayers like, “God, please heal my cancer”? P 1-3

Part of studying ACIM is realizing that the various workbook exercises and readings are given to you to explain what is actively occurring in your life at the moment. You are supposed to overlay the information given with your life events, and the answer will arise. ALSO the words as written denotatively are accurate representations of truth. ALSO how you interpret it at any time is subjectively true (right mindedness).

M-A-J-A-S Jesus is more than willing to help make the ego frame of reference peaceful and more reasonable.

He is also willing to teach you to see the real world.

The Son is asleep in that His conciousness (our active moment conciousness) is wrapped up in ego densities. Densities refers to both social and intrapersonal dramas as well as the fact that time space and matter appear to exist.

Once YOU believe you are mind, you are spirit, the Son is arising in you.

These are the qualities of a Son of God: Mind Spirit Understanding Love Creation

These are the qualities of the Son of God: Mind Spirit Understanding Love Creation Fatherhood (🤞)(accomplished 2020 min, prob ~33AD)

The fact that you think vision, smell, shape, interactions have meaning at all is the illusion.

“Nothing so blinding as perception of form”

There is a level of existence prior to all of that where this new dimension lies. The layer that causes to be; do not mind the things caused.

God is the God of the present moment – Now. In space: God is the god of matter. In understanding, God is the complete understanding. God is the God of Being.

What is alex brady? Part 1 Identity separation levels: alex brady is a person (body/time)

I am all minds. Alexbrady is all minds Jesus is all people Alex brady is all bodies alex brady is a person

Right perception “is* understanding

I can see only what is in my mind. I see but what is present in my mind. I can but see what’s present in my mind.

If you want to see your life change, you must change the thoughts in your mind. For you to be comfortable with this change, you must deliberately access new thoughts AKA learn new things. Need money? Learn profit building. Need sex? Learn attraction techniques. Need satisfaction? Learn God. Learn satisfaction techniques/mental regulation.

You ARE love. You are good feelings. Think about the thing you love, take note of your emotional environment. The swell in chest, ring in your ears, the happiness you feel, peace secure held whole. That is you. The problem is we experience gradients of this feeling. We call these different names, but it is just the LACK of the good feelings. This is a DIGITAL, true/false, paradigm. How are we experiencing degrees of true false? How is any analog systems generated by digital systems? A) time exists. B) the digital value is modulated over time.

Everyone is preaching their version of salvation.(you will be happy = your problems will be solved) • jobs: you will be happy when you have the most advanced consumer technology at your fingertips • Zuckerberg: you will be happy when you are able to connect and maintain relationships with your friends and family • christ: you will be happy when you realize you are a mind entity creating the world. Both the events within and the existence of the world of physicality. And all the rest, but you’ve forgotten the rest, so we’ll get to that when we get there.

• dog trainers: you will be happy when you have a well trained dog • stock brokers: you will be happy when you have healthy investments • pill manufacturers: you will be happy when our product relieves your ailments (don’t mind the new ailments) • universities: you will be happy when you have received a diploma from our institution • advertisers: you will be happy when you buy my product

There seems to be a choice here, but one of these things is NOT like the others.

Literally willing to answer your questions, it is when you attend to egoic activities that you cannot hear me. Including writing this down.

Experience first release. Release is letting go of a belief that I had that had no basis in reality. [Do you see why 4th(? Typo). Shit gets flipped, emotions had. We decide to pacify the ego but retain the body, obviously that was the plan because of the poetic (noetic) academy.)

Describe in way that makes sense to senses. Warm like good coffee, bright white light like blinding [but human vision will be useless you wont mind], smells like your favorite smell, smells like the enjoyment of smell, looks like the enjoyment of sight, tastes like the enjoyment of taste, feels like the enjoyment of sensation.

Love is the enjoyment of each other. (edit: Of Us, Our being – and together?! Wow!)

When we introduce fear, we begin to worry about frivolous things. This “frivolity” is the complete opposite view of the world, security is held in high regard. Any amount of time spent on worry is better spent correcting the problem at the source, the fractured connections between humans. This involves communication in any manner, especially one of enjoyment.

“Do hotdogs go bad?” “Does rubber go bad?” (Insinuation: food is rubber. Magic. Nutrition is not real.) (Me: L76)

“That is literally insane. I love it.” The ego’s mantra. How you must view the Inner Teacher’s guidance from the ego. (To be well adjusted to a profoundly insane society is no measure of good health)

The lightly traveled path extends from all religious main lines and indeed starts at all ideas. From a belief in God, it is much easier to dislodge beliefs in truly unreal things. Belief in Godly attributes, not necessarily His existence. (“His” meaning personification)

God only would like your mental state to be one of peace in every situation. If we begin to deviate at all from “only peace is the goal” we will begin to justify further deviations. If I say “In the name of God, we should kill to attack or kill to defend.”, I am obviously* not speaking from a place of God. (SID 4) If I say, “I should comically trip my brother.” it’s a whole lot less obvious, b/c that would be hiliarious. But any deviation is indeed deviation. In the human condition, there are degrees of deviation; honor them. It will be apparently pragmatic to begin to apply the standard, “if this can be passed without a fall from peace, we should seek that route”

There are days there are moments when I shut my friend out. This is because my own autonomy feels threatened.

The thing I most dont believe is how perfect he says it is.

How to will in mind space

  1. Be hydrated
  2. Really, be hydrated. Not necessary but you’ll feel better.
  3. Let it appear before you, pretend like you know what it is then experience it

That is how you will in mind space

When it is happening, think “I have control of this.” What happens from there will happen; it is a practice because the decider will act next. We must strengthen the decider.

Speak reasonably and the world will be for you. Act reasonably and the world will be for you. The will of the humans around you recognize reason because it is true. The will of humans around you bend to what it recognizes is true.

Your body is downstream from your, new word, Soul. Soul is the individual spirit you. Analogous to the spacetime body, it is the mind identity of your identity and the only real part. A sign that your soul has sought refreshment is you reading spiritual primary sources. Books that claim divine inspiration. None of them are perfect individually. If you are perceptible, you begin to hear the common refrain/ thought patterns of universal conciousness’ teachings. It is what is similar between them. What is dissimilar are mental models that a particular teacher uses. Though many claim they have THE truth, THE truth is they have is the form of THEIR truth. The one with the form of THE truth is the creator of all things. All things being the form of the truth. This one is our collective identity, One Mind. Your Soul needs to meet up with refreshing spiritual sources to “stay hydrated”. While you are in a body, these sources are limited to what you can physically come in contact with in a day, generally any span of time. (Body identified rather) A faster way to spiritual hydration is by learning to become aware of your mind identity and what that means about your relationship to the present moment.

Egoic god is a god that behaves with you. He acts out stories with you, this is the God of the Bible. He commands, he punishes, he helps, he forwarns, he sends begotten sons.

The God of Love (God is but love…) is the God of your every moment experience. What’s making you be right now. This fundamental aspect of our nature, how we exists, is explored in ACIM. -j

Whenever you small a cart that isn’t yours, that is the Christ having someone cropdust you. He thinks it’s hilarious.

When you are in a state of “miracle-readiness” you are simply no longer suppressing unimaginable outcomes. You are not holding the world to your lack of imagination and limited experience.

When Moses got to the Red Sea, he was expecting to get boats, but he was open to any possibility. #miracleready

Mental tutelage:

Thought: “I think I’ll be a man”

loud repeat offscreen: “I think I’ll be a man”

Thought: what was that?

Visually top half of man. 2nd Thought: this is you

Thought: this is me?

Man body, loudly: this is me?

Thought: he will repeat everything I say?

Man body, loudly: he will repeat everything I say?

Thought: 😰he cant repeat everything I say..

Thought 2: you think.

(Land of only thoughts: thoughtspace: LOOT)

Why we turned down (quieted) our thought space thoughts – body repeats loudly. Inaccurately, condensed, but v loud and we only wanted one voice.

Unnecessary explanation:

Final scene: thoughts in man’s head “😡he cant repeat everything I say”

Meta: this was conceived into time and space without speaking at all.

When Thought2 said “you think”, I (human) thought.

What we hear as thoughts ARE the repeat. That may get propagated to tangible form if thats the intention.

This was written moments prior to L325 All things I think I see reflect ideas. This can be read as an example of the principle in acim workbook L325.