How to Spot Guilt

The ultimate purpose of projection, as the ego uses it, is ALWAYS to get rid of guilt. You PROJECT guilt to get rid of it, but you actually merely CONCEAL it. ACIM

Conscious guilt:

Within the narrative of your life, there is a conflict. At every point of conflict, there is a separation of interests, and separate interests indicate different perspectives. Within the perspective of each separate interest, the story will be one where “the other party is causing onto me.”

Unconscious guilt:

The belief in temporal cause and effect. The belief that the temporal world of form is a reliable reality in which to base trust.

Unconscious guilt yields the belief that the world where gravity exists is real.

From a heavenly perspective, there is no gravity. There is no mass. We can make it up, but it’s not of Real substance.


Look at this defintiion of unconcious guilt. It it totally unlike traditional, or concious, guilt, and likely you have not viewed the word this way before.

How is this guilt? The universe of time, space, and gravity is the world of separation. It’s the world where separate things exist. The conventional space of human affairs is within this world.

That this world of separation exists at all — means the mind has successful believed in separation. With the belief in separation comes the idea of separate will and interests and the concept of guilt within separate perspectives.

That the mind can now hold guilt as a concept is the presence of guilt in the mind.

The ultimate purpose of projection, as the ego uses it, is ALWAYS to get rid of guilt. But, characteristically, it attempts to get rid of it FROM ITS VIEWPOINT ONLY. ACIM

Projection is the idea that an external thing to the viewer has inherent properties that the viewer is simply observing rather than making up within themselves.

“Getting rid of guilt” is abandoning the idea that I am responsible for my perceptions.

Getting rid of guilt from the egoic, personality-based perspective is all this projection accomplishes. The self and mind projecting the guilt still retain the concept of guilt.

Guilt here can be thought of as the idea that some thing is inherently [insert judgement here] — That the thing presents the concept to the viewer independent of the viewer’s desires.

For much as the ego wants to RETAIN guilt, YOU find it intolerable.

Guilt does not exist in the heavenly state. There is Being, Creation, and the Joy of both among other divine attributes.

To maintain the guilt and its projection, the self and mind behind the projection must be asserting “I am not creating this. Something is happening to me from beyond myself.”

The presence of the concept of guilt is blocking the remembrance that guilt is not real.

If you hold that the belief that guilt is a possibility in anyway, you are holding that the world where guilt is possible is real. Seeing the world of humanity, time, and space as one’s primary reality is to be in forgetfulness of divine reality.

For guilt stands in the way of your remembering God, Whose pull is so strong that YOU cannot resist it.

If you were at the divine helm — in the position of choosing what you believe in — you would not keep the idea of guilt. If you could choose any set of beliefs you want, you would not keep the belief in guilt — this is both conscious and unconscious guilt.

But likely you do not yet see yourself as Divine Self at this moment. You likely think you are a human hearing these words in a world where gravity exists.

Only by persuading you that you are OF the world of conventional human narrative, could the ego persuade you to continue believing the conventional narrative.

Only by persuading you that you are OF the world where gravity exists, could the ego persuade you to continue believing the world where gravity exists is real.

- alex brady

References from ACIM Text Chapter 12 Introduction