The First Goal is Real World

Our current goal is not “Heaven.” Our current goal is “real world.”

In real world, there is still perception and time, but the scenes within this world reflect the awesomeness of Heaven1.

In “real world,” you realize with certainty that fear is an unreasonable emotion. In the world that many of us find ourself, “not real world”, fear is seen as a reasonable response and expression.

There is a world we can find where fear is understood to be unreasonable.

Consider the discrepancy of this thought fear is unreasonable with your current beliefs about fear:

“Fear is unreasonable.”

You may want to list “evidence” about how fear is reasonable. Feel free to do so introspectively. Expose your inner ideas and look at them for what they are.

Fear beliefs:

These are exactly beliefs that, like fear, do not make sense from within real world perception.

It is a mental phase shift where old “evidence” is seen in new light and is seen as unreliable evidence.

It is possible. It requires a concious willingness to go for it.

  • alex brady

1 - Yes I am using the word acim appropriately2.

2 -ACIM Appropriate - In line with the principles of ACIM. To a lesser degree, in line with the exact wording of the literature. This use case is of the second definition.