This is a Reinterpretaion

A Course in Miracles and Mind Identity

It’s explicitly a reinterpretaion, a re-looking-at of the definition of reality. it necessarily flies in the face of certain conventional wisdoms.

The point is that these beliefs are not already believed by the learner, and must be seen as true. This is accomplished by willful curiosity and experimentation.

The concepts found in ACIM and Mind Identity are radical new truths that once understood constitute the realization of actual salvation on Earth, and a rememberance of Eternal Salvation of Mind.

Great. let’s talk about resurrection.

Resurrection is a noun that means, frankly it means everything, but let’s narrow that down to a consideration of its components

prefix: re, again root: surrect, rise

A re-rising. It has been commonly considered only in it’s implications of re-rising a body from death state to living state,

But I am here to assert it is far more useful in its more general sense. This general sense is the re-rising of the awareness of any mind that currently lives with any sense of limitation, lack, or pain to an awareness of a state of need-lack. A state of all-power. A state of willful Creation.

The descriptive words of this state will fall short of the living expression of this phenomenon within one’s own awareness.

There is no need to die to experience Heaven. It is here and now. We simply must re-awaken to it.

- alex brady