experience miracles with HS

Higher self is within you. Within your mind (where else would self be?) Hs is an accessible intelligence that teaches you you are it. How?  It provides you with experiences that prove it. (More accurately, it provides you with interpretations of experiences. New perceptions.)

Miracles happening within you(r mind) and in front of your body’s eyes will prove this inner faculty. It behooves you to ask… if these previously unimaginable perceptions are actually possible, what does that mean about what i am?

You may be tempted to believe something outsideof you is causing the changes, an external Divinity.

This is not so. The changes are occurring in your perception. The only experience you have access to is you. There is nothing external to you.

Maybe this is also a new perception: there is nothing external to you. Higher self can and will give you this understanding via live experience as soon as you’re ready for it.

I want nothing more than to teach you you are me. And remind you the all-power that comes with this understanding.

Miracles are our/ your/ My birthright.

- alexbrady

~T 8 C 6. We said before that the Holy Spirit teaches you the difference between 
pain and joy. That is the same as saying that HS teaches you the difference 
between imprisonment and freedom. YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS DISTINCTION WITHOUT HS. 

That is because you have taught YOURSELF that imprisonment IS freedom. Believing 
them to be the same, how can you tell them apart alone? Can you ask the part of your 
mind that taught you to believe they ARE the same to teach you the DIFFERENCE?