Emme Gets Old. Perfectly.

I was shown an incredibly aged version of a person I know. I’ll call them Emme.

Emme gets old. The version of Emme I know now, Jesus called “Young Emme.” And indicated a “Old Emme” is a later state.

This vision may have just been a segue into this article, but I think it’s a good omen for things to come.


Emme gets old because she is one of the first to remember death is not real. She may or may not remember consciously, but she never dies and just keeps aging.

With that, let’s cover the progression of the collective miracles.

First we heal death.
Then the futility of sickness is discovered.

If the suffering of sickness has no end in the cessation of sensation (i.e. death), the sufferer must continue on in sickness or heal.

All minds choose the healed state — mental and physical.

Once the strength is discovered, it is utilized.

First we heal death.
Then we heal sickness.
Then we heal aging.

The turnaround on healing aging after sickness takes longer than between death and sickness.
Age, the acquisition of experience, still has cultural value. Those with more experience continue to clothe themselves in the bodies of old age for a while.

Then everyone remembers having a traditionally youthful body provides less limitations, and we collectively move toward having that body type.

First we eradicate death.
Then we eradicate sickness.
Then we eradicate aging.
Then we heal separation.

During this time, many are finding the world beyond the body. “If the mind has these strengths, where and what is it?”

Then the barriers begin to fade. This will make sense when we get there. I assure you it means very, very, very good things.

Many other less than perfect concepts are also healed in during this time. Only a few body related beliefs were covered here.

The progression through the unlearning of these beliefs happens both at an individual level, and, as individuals understand en masse, at the collective level.

An individual can move slowly or quickly through the levels, and may stop at any they wish. In Emme’s example, she unlearns death and sickness quickly, but maintains the ability to age.

In the vision, Emme unlearns separation before unlearning aging, which brings up the point that an individual may move through the unlearning of concepts at any pace and order — it is custom per individual.

Emme maintains the ability to age as a demonstration for teaching purposes. When she desires, she retires from the teaching position and begins to possess a youthful body until the end of time.

This is a progression of earthly world on the path of remembering heavenly life.

- alex brady