Christ is with Me

What I mean when I say Christ is with me:

First of all, the “me” I speak in the title is the human manifestation that types words onto the internet.

I have received the understanding that all of perception is a field within a mind.

I spent 28 years thinking I existed, as a body, within something that was 100% of what could be. I called it the universe.

It was made of physical things. Physical people and human events of history and current events and my life. I was even woke enough to realize that there could be other life forms in other galaxies that do similar or completely different stuff. I tiptoed the line between psychic beings (I still do. I’ll cover the options later.)

I now call what that ^ is Perception. It is NOT 100% of what is despite appearances.

That world of what seems to be 100% (space, time and matter) is not 100% of reality.* There is a subtle field, imperceptible, that encompasses all of perception (and more). The fact that we only see our own perception is the belief in separation from totality.

There is a frame of mind you can achieve where you see that what was 100% of your field of awareness (time and space concerns) is not 100% of reality. This is Christ awareness. This is seeing beyond the veil; that objectively there exists more than time and space happenings. Moreover, time and space is an operable effect of what’s truly real.

To be very clear – this understanding turns on its head what we have classically defined as real. The truth of this is hard to discern from within perception, but once you get the smallest glimpse otherwise, it is most obvious.

This cannot be taught by an external teacher. Nor by simply reading a book. This can be achieved via internal guidance of higher self. It feels like learning a new hobby. Then there’s miracles. ✨


a.b: I have direct spiritual knowledge of the divine. It has been given me to impart as much as possible within the physical realm. Being that understanding conveyed through physical means are necessarily limited, it is my objective to be as transparent as possible. Assume all inaccuracies in understanding to be a reflection of limitations in communication – limitations within both sender (me) and receiver (you). The presentation of material has the final desired outcome of the reader seeking and recognizing direct spiritual knowledge as well.

At the point of direct spiritual knowledge, there are no inaccuracies in understanding. Godspeed.

The ACIM workbook titles are the gifts of god wrapped up transparently. The whole belief system. You should accept the gifts of god. Accept the gifts of god by believing in these true ideas. (Being willing to test them at least.) Learn how to accept infinitely positive truths about you.

How the titles are wrapped transparently: the gift is the understanding, the book can give concepts not understanding; it must be sought.

The concepts, the understanding in communicable form, are outlined in the ACIM volumes. Surely all spiritual volumes can say the same. ACIM excels in that it presents these truths in a manner short sweet and simple – like all good theories.

  • alex brady

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Have you heard the cancer joke?

You wouldn’t get it. It’s too tropical.

Second of all, now that you’ve read the definition I’ve described above, once I or anyone reaches such a state of awareness, it is abundantly clear that I am not the human that types onto the internet. I am Christ.

* - in fact not real at all. Simply a considerable (able to be considered) phenomenon.