This is real and unlike dream things.

What is lost in many even strong believers is that this is not a story. It is a description of effects that are occurring now*.

Ego is not “oh he hurt me and then it…”

Ego is a belief. A belief that must be dispelled now.

Christ is not a person. Christ is now present, now active, and now attainable. It is not a self in how you have historically defined and viewed selfhood.

Holy Spirit is not a person. Spirit is now present and what you are.

There are no stories at this level.¹ Cause and Effect are seen as one.

Cause: I am. Effect: That.

Cause: I desire. Effect: It is.²

If you are still seeing human stories OR approaching Christ or Holy Spirit as an external, non-you entity, you must ask for this understanding³ and expect to receive it.

Pertinent lessons: 35, 41, 73-76, 95, 107 maybe 106, 191, (incomplete list)

  • alex brady

¹ - the level you are seeking to obtain: alex brady. You’ll still have body’s eyes but that won’t be the seeing you will use.

² - Linearly, for clarification but not in truth: “It becomes.”

³ - the understanding presented in this very writing

* - real now. as in now.