Atonement Levels

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Atonement: generically being at one with something.

For the duration of this presentation, this “something” we will define as the creator of our Mind Identity¹, what A Course in Miracles calls God. Generically, it is Creation itself.

Here both God and Creation are defined as Love and Understanding of created identities. This encompasses the full and complete knowledge of all created things (everything), the appreciation of these things, and the act of manifesting and being these understandings into existence.

This act exists out of our frame of reference within space-time, but is reflected analogously in the act of creation as demonstrated by an artist, musician, engineer, etc. Instead of material goods, the product of this creation is being itself.

Note: Most study material I provide has the purpose of cultivating awareness of mind identity. This article's examination is a level above coming to terms with the reality of Mind Identity and its (our) creative ability stemming from that identity. Here, our relationship to Creation Itself is examined.

The Levels

Atonement Level 0: You exist.
Atonement Level 1: Mind Identity acceptance
Atonement Level 2: Mind identity experience
Atonement Level 3: Mind identity conviction. Creation identity acceptance.
Atonement Level 4: Creation Identity


Atonement level 0:

A supreme creator or “reason” by definition contains full and accurate knowledge of all created things. Everything that exists is part of the set of knowledge of all real things whether the thing realizes this relation or not. If you EXIST, you have attained this level.

“At one” here means the Creator remember you although the inverse is not necessarily true.

Atonement level 1:

Now we begin to care that you are a volitional being who is experiencing a belief system as defined by the Mind Identity equation. Again, one’s experiential realization of this is of no concern.

This level is marked by a willingness to believe the primacy of mind over matter as defined by the Mind Identity equation. Due to the introduction of this belief, one will begin to have experiences reflecting this belief.

This state is reached when one can remember the mind identity principles when confronted with negative stimuli. Results can range from no effect to neutralizing effects to positive changes in one’s perceived state of mind.

“At one” here means a faint belief or memory is arising in your mind.

Atonement level 2:

This level is marked by an accepted experience of the principles of Mind Identity. Acceptance is crucial; as the thesis points out, we are always in a state of creation via Mind Identity. This stage is marked by realization and acceptance of that fact.

At this level, due to the experience of the event, one’s belief is implicitly stronger than before, but an individual may still have reservations or forgetfulness about applying Mind Identity principles to every situation that arises. Because of the acceptance of the experience, the belief in mind primacy can be called “fixed”, and may arise in any situation without you needing to goad it by intentional remembrance.

“At one” here means in the company of.

Atonement level 3:

This level is marked by trust in one’s mind identity and its inherent creative powers. As the individual tests and has experiences with this faculty within level 2, they begin to rely more and more on this higher mind. Eventually, realize that it is always within their best interest to rely on the creative power of their mind identity to resolve situations or create anew.

At this level, one simply embodies the principles of Mind Identity, and exudes a sense of peace, love, and self-care naturally. While difficulties may be experienced from time to time, it is realized that a simple and natural remedy to any perceived difficulty is to change one’s belief about what is happening. Changes of mind, or miracles, are a natural response to these misunderstandings.

“At one”: of one will

Atonement level 4:

At this level, one has full and accurate understandings of what is happening within perception. This is the embodied corollary to a Creator having full understanding of Its Creation.

From the perspective of one who has attained this level, there are no difficulties that arise. This person imbues situations with their understandings and literally causes to be the best possible outcome for all participants.

The definition of God/Creation as defined is realized to be one’s identity.

“At one”: The same

Atonement is the experience that the separation never happened.

I won’t attest to this being a complete list. There are probably more in the “toward god” direction, and it is alo possible to insert levels in between the ones I have listed. I’ve intentionally made this list as course as possible.

As you personally experience this process, you will notice it is a gradient of progress and growth. What I have here are major “progress markers” in understanding.

Skips of level are possible, but not long lasting. For example, a person may experience and recognize the experience of Mind Supremacy (level 2) without realizing why such an event occurred (level 1). A revelation may occur that causes even someone at any lower level to jump to a higher level.

This should be used as a mental model for positioning yourself on your spiritual path. The true goal of moving through these levels is found within your experience right now. And only there. Although intellectualization (e.g. this presentation) will hold you over until you are able to experience exactly what that means.

I hope you’ve found this helpful. Questions about presented topics? Leave a comment in the chat or contact me on social.

- alex brady

¹ - Mind Identity Theory Materials

We place faith in the experience that comes from practice, not the means we use. We wait for the experience and recognize that it is only here conviction lies. We use the words, and try and try again to go beyond them to their meaning, which is far beyond their sound. The sound grows dim and disappears as we approach the Source of meaning. It is here that we find rest.

ACIM Workbook, Review 5