alex brady minister track

Take the alex brady minister track and receive the title of ACIM Minister within the alex brady ministry.

What qualifies a person to be an ACIM Minister?

After you read the minister track requirements, you will see that an ACIM Minister is one who has read and understood A Course in Miracles. They have consumed the theology and worked through lessons and experiences the point of recognizing the practicality of Atonement and accepting that experience.

ACIM Minister then is one who can provide service to themselves and other minds.

Being of service is a concept nearly synonymous with aligning wills with one’s Higher Self and allowing guided actions to arise.

The ACIM Minister Track

  1. Read every section of every chapter of A Course in Miracles. Original Edition reading schedule

  2. Complete the ACIM Workbook with the declared purpose of Mind Training. This involves approaching the daily activities provided with a workbook lesson with the mindset that the activities will teach you that the “new truth” espoused in the lesson title is true.

  3. Submit an experience report or descrition of your understanding that you received regarding Identity with Christ.

  4. Recommended: Yearly repetition of reading the ACIM teacher’s manual.

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Join alex brady ministry. When we reach out, indicate that you are on the minister’s track, and we will provide further instruction and resouces.

- alex brady

Please do remember that all people are ministers of God. The true statement that can be said by all persons is “I am among the ministers of God.”

The title of ACIM Minister within the alex brady ministry denotes certain earthly goals and achievements. The goal itself is the highest spiritual goal attainable.

We hope carrying the title bolsters your resolve, peace of mind, and identity. Bring ACIM into your earthly identity. This will provide a rememberable touch point to the experience of Christ identity that is required for the title.