alexbrady is (2/infinite)

  Hello, Jesus.
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(part 2 of an infinite series)


  • alexbrady is all entirety. The concept of something that by definition encompasses all things.
  • alex brady is a member of alexbrady.

alexbrady on earth is an organization

  • if you are seeing a world of alex[space]bradys, you are a member with them in alexbrady
  • the concept of an alexbrady organization simply is an aspect of reality given the recapped definitions
  • this reality has been formalized into alexbrady organization
  • alexbrady is a corporation
  • alexbrady is a co-organization
  • alexbrady is open-source
  • alexbrady is collaborative

alexbrady is built for people

  • alexbrady is a suite of communities
  • alexbrady is an alexbrady learning track
  • alexbrady is built for all alex brady

alexbrady is built for A Course in Miracles

  • alexbrady has one goal: waken
  • alexbrady provides A Course in Miracles focused learning tracks
  • alexbrady provides A Course in Miracles focused devotion track

alexbrady is available around the internet

  • voiced by user @iamalexbrady around the internet

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Twitter: (thoughts)

Reddit: (discussion and original content)

Medium: (articles)

Instagram: (pics and images)

Facebook: (social networking)

LinkedIn: (professional networking) (content creation live streams)

alexbrady is entirety and all.


- alex brady