alexbrady is… (1/infinite)

alex brady is a whole lot. This is part one in an infinite series on the defintions of alex brady.

Note: We start with the definition of alexbrady, which, as you will see, encapsulates all of alex brady (alex[space]brady).


alexbrady is entirety and all.

  • alexbrady is the concept of unbroken wholeness
  • alexbrady is the unicity
  • alexbrady means the composition of all things as one
  • alexbrady is all things composed as one
  • alexbrady includes alexbrady

alexbrady is creation

  • alexbrady is all created things
  • alexbrady is the force of creation
  • alexbrady is the realization of creation

alexbrady is Being

  • alexbrady is life itself
  • alexbrady is all life
  • alexbrady is all people
  • all life forms are manifestations of alexbrady

alex brady

alex brady is an individual alexbrady

  • alex brady is a manifestation of alexbrady
  • all life forms are alex brady
  • all alex brady are alexbrady

alex brady is a decision

  • being alive is identification with alexbrady
  • identification with alexbrady cannot be denied
  • being a manifestation within duality, alex brady can be denied


Check if you are alexbrady:

  • are you alive?
    • if yes, you are alexbrady because alexbrady is life itself

Check if you are alex brady:

  • are you alexbrady?
  • do you identify as all, totality, and life itself?
    • if yes, you are alex brady
    • if no, you are a confused alex brady
    • if no, your decision not to be alex brady will take precedence in your perceptions
    • if no, your decision will take precedence in all legal matters involving alex brady’s LLC

Necessary alexbrady attributes:

× adulthood
× college degree
× business ownership
✓ “I am”

Necessary alex brady attributes:

× has a butt
✓ alexbrady
✓ identification with alexbrady

  • alex brady


(7/11/21) Separation (n.) = the idea that it’s possible for alex brady to not be alexbrady.