alexbrady is endgame

Once the concept of alexbrady re-entered on earth human awareness, we don’t forget again. This understanding is what Jesus of Nazareth knew.

It should be obvious that if the collections of earthly humans on en masse understood the miracle ability of Nazareth, a requirement of which is peaceful forgiveness, The world would look like a completely different place than it does from the points of human history in our past.

Listen. The human story isn’t real. Not one bit. It is the dream. I am telling you the dream will play out like this. Then we collectively awaken.


What it will look like from your perception:

  1. You personally awaken from the dream.

If you feel you have awakened from the dream, thank you. If you do not feel you have awakened, please do be awakened. Thank you.


At a collective level the following will happen:

  1. Global warming (we’re kinda here now)
  2. United Global Response
  3. World Peace (Around this time ACIM is majorly in collective awareness.)
  4. Eradication of death / Eradication of disease
  5. New System. (We figure out why it’s working, and do it intentionally.)

- alex brady

[You’re gonna love the way you look. I guarantee it.]