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- alex brady

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Mind Identity Theory

The science of personal salvation.

MIT Version 2 - Current draft of Mind Identity Theory principles

Mind Identity - YouTube playlist

References - Primary text references relating to MIT (set 1)

Articles and Notes

Articles are planned and well-formatted text based resources. Notes are what I jot down as I learn from Higher Self. Notes are raw stream of thought and probably more revealing than an well-formatted version of the same information. Articles are notes I spend time making legible.

1. The Unforgiving Mind (article)
2. The alexbrady Game (article)
3. Return to Godstate (article)
4. The Law of Buttz (article)
5. Time and Space Unreal (article)
8. Christ is with Me (article)
9. Being of Service (article)
10. A Shortlist of Concepts (article)
12. The Two Options (article)
13. God in TCP (John 16) (article)
14. Christ is Old (article)
16. Other People's Poop (article)
18. Lesson 135 (article)
19. Some Human History (article)
23. Mind ID Methodology (article)
25. alex brady ministry (article)
29. Adrián Beltré (article)
30. Jesus Slaps Cheeks (notes)
31. HS Noted 4 (note)
34. New Creation (article)
35. Profound Thoughts (article)
36. The Course in Miracles (article)
40. Jokes and Riddles (article)
41. The Teacher (article)
42. What is relationship? (article)
44. Humility (article)
46. Power of Mind (article)
47. World of Make Believe (article)
48. Almost Perfect (article)
49. Only My Condemnation.. (article)
50. alexbrady is endgame (article)
51. How Andy Talks (article)
52. Atonement Levels (article)
53. Stoic rules and ACIM (article)
55. Teacher of Divinity (article)
56. How Azim Talks (article)
57. Healing (article)
59. Stay Hydrated (article)
61. Analogous Statements (article)
62. How to Spot Guilt (article)
63. Live Miraculously (article)
64. How to Make Happiness (article)
66. i dont know (article)
67. How to Stop Being Sick (article)
68. alexbrady means... 1 (article)
69. Forgetfullness (article)
72. alex brady scrolls 1 (notes)
73. Why We Eat: Holy Truth (article)
74. Mind Training Exercises (article)

Video, Audio, and Other

These are non-text resources.

00. alex brady on YouTube - Diverse mix of high quality enlightenment entertainment by yours truly.
0. the alex brady playlist - Spirituality, philosophy, science, comedy a.b likes..
4. On the Crucifixion (audio)

alex brady's Filesystem

/filesystem - Full directories of images, text, and audio.

White Papers

Unique channeled materials from Higher Self. Topics covered include: personal salvation, miracles, sex, and more.


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