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Seek Personal Salvation

Since the release of A Course in Miracles, personal salvation has become a simple process.

We provide resources to make it simpler. Feel free to reach out: @iamalexbrady

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Mind Identity

This is a fundamental truth:

"Whatever you accept into your mind has reality for you. However, it is only your acceptance that makes it real. This is because the mind is capable of creating reality."

This is the key to saving our selves and the world. The mind is capable of creating reality.

This is simple, learnable, and testable. Don't take my word for it: Learn it yourself. And never be at the mercy of circumstances again.

Mind Identity: The science of personal salvation.

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alex brady communities are places for the gathering of minds. Discussion boards, chat, and web conferencing tools. Join whichever you like.

philosophy-club - the gathering of the minds that save the world. World salvation discussions. Bring anything that's on your mind.

One Self - A gathering of Teachers of God. For advanced students of A Course in Miracles with a focus of sharing and discussing inner wisdom.

Students for ACIM - A general ACIM sharing and discussion board.

/r/iamalexbrady - public forum for discussing alex brady content, ACIM, and life.

alex brady Courses

alex brady's courses have the expressed purpose of the learner learning spiritual enlightenment.

Not enlightened yet? Try an alex brady courses:

alex brady's course in miracles - A Course in Miracles

Enlightenment Highway - Enlightenment as fast as possible

A Course in Miracles

An open-source curriculum that teaches you how to work miracles. Yes, really.

Get ACIM - Find online, PDF, mobile app, and physical copy options for ACIM

Core Teaching - ACIM's metaphysical teaching and solutions

ACIM Questions Answered - common ACIM questions with alex brady answers

Workbook Lessons - ACIM Workbook for Students

Online Text - Online portal for the ACIM Text

Manual for Teachers - Online portal for the ACIM Manual for Teachers

History of ACIM - Classic overview of the book and early history of ACIM

about alex brady

alex brady provides ACIM and non-ACIM resources and tools to help you get to personal spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual growth is a personal process. The resources are self-guided. We aim to give you the tools you need to learn from the comfort of your own home. Intra-personal contemplation and examination of the teachings are encouraged and fundamentally required. The goal of Higher-Self realization is flexible to any lifestyle.

We also provide an online communities for self-seekers and world-savers to share and socialize.

My Self is ruler of the universe. (W-253)
The Son of God is my identity. (W-252)
Despite the multitude of lines rehearsed. (W-338)
United will is what I choose to see. (W-335)
- alex brady

Contact a.b: iamalexbrady@gmail